Taking on an intern

What you need to know about taking on an intern from Forest and Landscape College

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Taking on an intern brings new ideas and knowledge into your organistion and gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice in a real-life corporate environment. 

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Internship rules and framework

These are the basic rules and framework when taking on an intern from Forest and Landscape College

The internship period is considered equivalent to a full-time job. You can therefore make similar requirements concerning work performance, commitment and flexibility as you would for a newly employed graduate.

The length of the internship and the total costs vary for the four study programmes:

Forestry and Landscape Engineering and Urban Landscape Engineering
There is a choice between two internship models:

  • Internship AB in the third year (week 36 – approx. 15)
  • Internship A in the third year (week 36 – 4), and Internship B in the fourth year (week 6 – 14 without bachelor project or week 6 – 25 incl. bachelor project)

Internships are fully financed by student grants.

Natural and Cultural Heritage Management
Internships are fully financed by student grants.

  • The internship is 20 weeks, full-time 
  • It starts in week 25 at the earliest and week 36 at the latest. It ends in week 4.

Skilled Forest and Landscape Craftsman
Please contact our internship coordinator for information:
Michael Lund
+45 20 27 20 61














The internship host undertakes to provide guidance for the student and to involve the student in the everyday activities of the organisation. This means that the intern should be invited to both internal and external meetings, and that the host organisation should allocate time to guide the intern and follow up on the work performed by the intern.

Educational responsibilities

It is important to acknowledge that the programme involves some educational responsibilities on the part of the internship host. The student must learn the skills agreed upon when the agreement is signed. The intern’s tasks must be of a varied nature to ensure that they learn as much as possible during the internship.



Before the internship begins you should draw up an internship agreement to describe the intern’s professional, academic and personal goals. These goals serve as a guideline for the student's work during the internship and a good starting point when you come to evaluate the internship together with the intern. 

The internship agreement must be approved by the Forestry and Landscape College.

Internship agreement - download template

Internship agreement for Skilled Forest and Landscape Craftsman

The internship the host must draw up a statement of the tasks the student will carry out. 

Salary and other issues of labour law must be agreed between the student and the host. The Forest and Landscape College may assist with contracts, but the College is not legally a party to the agreements concluded. The contract must, however, provide for gainful employment, in which food and accommodation expenses may be included as part payment.

Insurance arrangements must be settled before collaboration commences and it is the internship host who, as the employer, is responsible for this. The student must as a minimum have third-party liability insurance

As a general rule, the internship host makes accommodation available to students or at least assists students in finding suitable accommodation at a reasonable distance from the location of the internship.



In general, the student must abide by the rules that apply in your organisation. If, contrary to expectations, they do not, we will first encourage you to have a conversation with them. If this does not improve the situation, you should contact the study programme’s internship coordinator.

If the intern consistently fails to live up to the terms of the internship, it may mean that we cannot approve the internship, or that the student will be expelled from the programme.



If you have any questions about taking on an intern from the Forest and Landscape College, please contact our internship coordinators:


Simon Berg Balle
Mail: sba@ign.ku.dk
Telefon: +45 40 18 65 23

Simon Berg Balle

Jannik Toft Andersen
Mail: jata@ign.ku.dk
Telefon: +45 35 32 33 16

Jannik Toft


Vacant - please contact:

Billede er på vej

Maja Steen Møller 
Mail: masm@ign.ku.dk
Telefon: +45 35 33 67 76

Maja Steen Møller