Skilled Forest and Landscape Craftsman

Student from forest and landscape collegeA student in the Danish Forestry and Nature Technician programme can pursue the entire course of study or parts of it abroad. This is a special programme funded by the Danish state for the purpose of motivating Danish vocational students to apply to study abroad.

The study programme is structured so that students alternate between classroom studies and internships.  Internships must take place in approved establishments in Denmark or abroad. All classroom study takes place in Denmark.  The study programme lasts approximately 3 years, during which students select a specialisation:

The specialisations are:

  • Forest and nature conservator
  • Forester
  • Machine operator
  • Biotope and game manager

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Screening of students

Our students are invited to an interview before they may undertake internship agreements. By doing so we endeavour to ensure that the student is now ready for work abroad. We call it PiU screening. If the cooperation does not correspond to expectations, the Forest and Landscape College should be contacted promptly (this applies to both the student and internship host) so that any conflicts can be avoided.