Professional profile of Urban Landscape Engineers

Student from forest and landscape college

Urban landscape engineers fulfil technical and managerial functions within the management and development of urban landscapes.

Plants and plant growth in cities

Urban landscape engineers have specialist knowledge about plants and plant growth in urban settings, including selection of plants, quality control and norms, soil treatment and materials as well as landscape architecture and design, park management and climate change adaptation. They also have a range of managerial skills within the fields of financial management, HR management, project management, and works and production management.

Technical skills in landscape management

The study programme also includes courses in a number of IT programs, such as AutoCAD, GIS and the project and financial management tool Sigma.

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Tasks of interns from the Urban Landscape Engineering programme

Interns from the programme in Urban Landscape Engineering have skills that may be used in municipal landscape management, in private companies working in the landscape industry, architectural firms, consultant engineering firms, and many other organisations. Therefore the tasks interns are given are very varied and include:

  • Workflow planning
  • Quality control
  • Preparing quotes
  • Digitalisation of green areas
  • Plant selection
  • Construction site management
  • Project management
  • Citizen involvement
  • Preparation of LAR solutions

The student will often act as an “apprentice” for a middle manager in the organisation, and consequently be involved in various managerial tasks.