Professional profile of a natural and cultural heritage manager

Student from forest and landscape college

When they start their internships, students on the programme in Natural and Cultural Heritage Management will have knowledge of and experience with forms of dissemination, intercultural communication, project management, innovation and finance.

The history behind our natural and cultural heritage

In the course of their studies, students will have gained knowledge of how humans form and are formed by our natural and cultural environments. They will have learned about natural and cultural heritages and the history behind and interaction between culture, nature and the profession. They will have expertise in various forms of dissemination, both oral and written, and can plan and market campaigns.

Knowledge of project management within natural and cultural heritage

The student will also bring knowledge of entrepreneurship, corporate finance and project fundraising. They will be aware of the challenges that may arise when marketing a natural or cultural experience to people from other countries.

Tasks of interns from the Natural and Cultural Heritage Management programme

Interns from the programme in Natural and Cultural Heritage Management can help create and communicate natural and cultural experiences in creative ways. They possess knowledge of experience businesses and have a wide range of practical skills in dissemination and communication. They also have competencies to develop ideas and plan communication for specific target groups.

Examples of internship tasks

  • Tailoring an engaging oral presentation to a target group
  • Planning and carrying out projects and events related to nature and culture with focus on finance and project management
  • Completing assignments involving websites, photos, videos and graphic design
  • Working strategically with social media
  • Preparing communication plans for projects and organisations
  • Developing tourism projects with focus on intercultural communication